Double L Brands’ Fractional CMO service provides businesses with the expertise and guidance of an experienced marketing executive on an as-needed basis. With our Fractional CMO, businesses can access the skills and experience of an expert without the high cost of hiring a full-time CMO. Our team of Fractional CMO experts has a deep understanding of the marketing landscape and can help businesses develop customized marketing strategies that drive growth and achieve their business goals.

Who It’s For

Each organization is in a different lifecycle phase and facing its own set of market challenges. There is no “one size fits all” approach to building the right marketing team, which is where the leadership of a Fractional CMO can be invaluable.

As-needed, executive marketing leadership, without the full-time salary investment. Our team consists of former Chief Marketing Officers, VP’s of Marketing and high-level consultants – all with experience building brands across multiple industries, available to plug-in and apply expertise to build organizations and/or marketing teams of any size.

Example: This solution is perfect for a tech startup or a restaurant brand that’s in growth mode, as well as an older organization that needs to re-ignite the brand. You will go from a small marketing team that takes instruction from the CEO and posts on social media, to having an executive leader of marketing that provides strategic direction and accountability, driving revenue and building a brand while setting the team up for success.

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