Landon is the driving force behind DLB, leading the team responsible for our clients’ success. He is an accomplished marketing executive that specializes in proven, yet innovative, methods to drive revenue & grow brands. Through Double L Brands, he serves as Fractional CMO for a group of 42 casual dining restaurants, while managing a team that provides full-service marketing and PR solutions to multiple growth-oriented brands. His core competencies revolve around:

  • Building consensus with stakeholders and existing teams that creates momentum between sales, marketing and account management to implement strategic initiatives.
  • Driving business growth through auditing historical performance, optimizing proven strategies, and integrating new initiatives based on needs as opposed to stakeholder excitement.
  • Understanding the ever-changing landscape of marketing automation / technology and has experience integrating new tools with traditional processes to improve market share.
  • Employing proven ability to mentor and develop internal teams, while recruiting contract personnel as- needed to accomplish goals within budget and on-time.

At the end of the day, the business jargon above isn’t why clients stick with DLB for years. Landon’s mantra of “People Helpin’ People” is what keeps teams, clients, friends and families happy – coupling that with our expertise is what ultimately drives success for everyone.

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