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My ‘Reset Button’ ūüĎČ A Month in the Bahamas ‚öď

In the past couple years, I lost focus on what makes me happy…

I was frustrated building a marketing firm because I couldn’t let go of things (Read: Too hands-on), although I partnered¬†with top marketing experts. ¬†Due partially to frustration¬†— and since I’m damn good at growing brands — I moved to Denver to help launch a startup. As we struggled to scale, I rode a¬†bike down a mountain and broke¬†my neck.¬†Everybody fails (and in my case, falls) at least once, right?!

That kind¬†of year can make you rethink what you’re REALLY here for… ūüĎą¬† Sooo, I did that. Don’t know all the answers yet, but felt obliged¬†to share these¬†solid first steps — hopefully they help you personally or professionally!¬†ūüí•

Scuba Diving

ūüĎÜ Look, a snorkeling redneck “figuring out life”ūüĎÜ

First, I¬†seized¬†an opportunity to spend a month on a boat in the Bahamas. My boat-owning hosts happen to be¬†twin brothers, worked together all their lives, and are very successful entrepreneurs. I learned how to¬†slow down (#IslandLife), picked their brains on business and family, perfected(ish)¬†all sorts of knots, washed boats, and caught some¬†fish (and salmonella). Check out the photo album¬†(add me as a friend) and go¬†from bottom/up for chronological order.¬†ūüźü


I can’t recap all the “moments of clarity”, so won’t try… However, this reset¬†helped¬†me realize a couple things that have fundamentally shifted the way I want to approach the future…


1.) ¬†PERSONAL REALIZATION:¬† No¬†explanation needed, the message below summarizes it nicely…



2.) ¬†MARKETING AHA MOMENT (background):¬†¬†ūüĎܬ†That prompted a deep self-evaluation, and I¬†stopped to figure out what makes me happy… My professional expertise revolves around¬†innovative marketing to grow brands (more context on LinkedIn). My personal happiness involves interacting with, helping, and connecting people.

In my opinion, full-time, corporate marketing teams will continue to shrink. Simultaneously, the business environment will continue to be more competitive, which means cutting salaries, while needing more talented marketing teams.

***THE AHA MOMENT:¬†ūüí°ūü핬†ūüĎȬ†Build something to help businesses AND¬†professionals capitalize on these changes!



Double L Brands is a consultancy and modern marketing partner, providing custom teams and solutions based on actual needs¬†(vertical, team, budget, etc.). Our stable of experts includes consultants, growthhackers, creatives, developers, writers, social media rockstars and video folks — with options ranging from “I’ve hardly got any budget” to “let’s do whatever it takes!”. And there’s¬†no paying typical agency fees for BS “fluffy” work — you pay us to make s*@t happen.

This saves¬†clients¬†stress, time and money, while empowering our marketing partners to do what they do — MAKE GOOD ART¬†(and drive revenue, of course). #PeopleHelpinPeople

We’re¬†already rockin’ as you’ll¬†see on the NEW SITE¬†(www.DoubleLBrands.com), I just need more¬†clients to feed this rockstar team!¬†ūüĎą¬†TO CONFIRM, THAT WAS a subtle hint. ūüėä

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If you know any consumer-facing brands we can help (retail, tech, restaurant, fashion — offerings for each vertical at¬†any size), PLEASE forward this email and copy me (Landon@DoubleLBrands.com), I’ll handle the rest.

***The first 3 referrals get a 30-minute analysis and consulting session FREE***


That’s it for now… Now off to kick some a$$ and smile while doing it! ¬†THANK YOU for reading¬†this LONG post. ¬†I hope the personal quote helps, and we can work together soon!

– Landon